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The National Haitian Coalition

What is The National Haitian Coalition (NHC) all about?

The Haitian People of South Florida make a significant contribution to the economy and the quality of life of the area. Yet, the Haitian People are vastly underserved by existing social and support services.

To recognize and acknowledge the Haitian population in South Florida and to provide the means by which it can grow and prosper, The National Haitian Coalition has been formed.

Why is The NHC needed?

Currently, the Haitian people are served by many agencies whose resources are stretched to the limit.

Also, due to language barriers and lack of adequate transportation in the area, it is difficult for them to take advantage of services that may be out there for them.

Our Organization wants to be of service. We will make it easier for the Haitian residents of Palm Beach County to take a step up in terms of education, jobs, housing, and contribution to the community.

At the same time, we will be taking some of the burden off existing organizations, both public and private, which will help in serving the large number of minority populations in our area overall.

Our Mission

To augment existing support services provided to the Haitian population in Palm Beach County on an integrated basis.

To showcase the traditions, arts, and culture of the Haitian population.

To identify Palm Beach County as a county which celebrates diversity and multi-culturalism.

The National Haitian Coalition is being welcomed as a partner by The Hispanic Alliance, and the Lake Worth Community Development Council (CDC).

The National Haitian Coalition is affiliated with the Coalition For Haitian Concerns, founded in 1983.

In December 1999, Betty Williams, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 for her work trying to defuse Northern Ireland's decades-long troubles said these powerful words, among other things:

"Anyone who says West Palm Beach doesn't have problems is wrong," Williams said. "We have a Haitian community that's ignored. I object to that."

Joe Bernadel and the NHC also object to that.

The NHC has been organized by Joe Bernadel who resides in Palm Beach County. Formerly President and Executive Director of the Milagro Foundation, a multicultural center in Delray Beach, he has now dedicated himself totally to this mission. Joe is a Haitian-American retired United States Army officer who served on sensitive diplomatic assignments world wide. His focus is now to serve the Haitian Community of South Florida.

Some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream things that never were and say "Why not?"  George Bernard Shaw

Contact Information: Joe Bernadel, Telephone: 561-243-3136

Postal address, 777 East Atlantic Avenue #242, Delray Beach Florida 33483


The Mabouya represents the power of transformation indicative of the rise in consciousness; taking place within the Haitian Population of South Florida. This population is now seeking to control its own destiny, aided by The National Haitian Coalition.

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