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Intergroup Relations: Seven Promising Practices

The following are excerpts from this report.

The Blackfeet Youth Initiative

a Montana-based program that connects young people on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to a national network of peers to promote cross-cultural understanding between Native Americans and non-Native Americans.

The Dismantling Racism Institute

a six-day, residential, anti-oppression program focusing on white privilege and internalized oppression, sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice -- St. Louis region.

The FAITHS Initiative

an interfaith, multiracial collaboration among congregations, nonprofits, and community organizers that involves people in economic justice activities in San Francisco.

The Global Action Project

a New York-based youth program that uses media as an approach to improving intergroup relations.

Hope in the Cities

an organization based in Richmond, VA, that promotes faith-based community dialogue groups focussing on personal responsibility and racial reconciliation.

Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations

a Los Angeles-based program that fosters racial and cultural awareness among community leaders as well as hands-on experience with multiracial collaborations.

The Multicultural Youth Project

a collaborative project in the Uptown-Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago that creates opportunities for refugee and established-resident youths of different racial and ethnic backgrounds to play and work together.

The work on this entire project occurred concurrently with that of the President's Initiative on Race (PIR). NCCJ worked closely with the PIR on its One America Dialogue Guide and other aspects of the Initiative's work. This volume was compiled by and written by Allison Smith and Sarita Ahuja and edited by Allison, Renae Cohen and Wayne Winborne at NCCJ. It was made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

This report (97 pages, $12.95) is available from:
The National Conference for Community and Justice
475 Park Avenue South, 19th floor
New York, NY 10016-6901
Telephone: (212) 545-1300, Fax: (212) 545-8053
ISBN 0-9665452-2-2
Copyright © 1999

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