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Haitian American Community Council, Inc.

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Haitian American Community Council, Inc.

Our Mission

The Haitian American Community Council, Inc., abbreviated and referred to as HACC is a non-profit organization created to help meet the needs of the Haitian community of Palm Beach County, thus our theme:

Responding to the Haitians Needs

We provide an array of services specifically designed to assist not only the newly settled immigrants but also those who have made Palm Beach County their home.

Through the following programs, our professional, bilingual and dedicated staff help strengthen and empower families.

Family Strengthening

The goal of this program is to promote the emotional, social and psychological well being of children and their families, and the enhancement of family resiliency. Through prevention and early intervention, families are taught effective and positive parenting skills and alternative methods of discipline. Bilingual psychological counseling is offered to assist families with societal pressures. This family-centered service is offered in clients home and local setting.

Care Coordination And Home Visitation

Unlike the family strengthening program, the care coordination service is designed to assist pregnant women and families with newborn infants that demonstrate some of the following characteristics. Like the family strengthening services, services are also family-centered and provided in the client home or community. Admission and participation in this program is only by referral from the Healthy Start prenatal network.

After School Tutorial

This program, Coalition of At Risk Student Enhancement "C.A.S.E." geared at elementary and middle school students is designed to improve cultural transition, academic achievement, school attendence and English language proficiency skills. It also offers tips on how to deal with peer pressure, self improvement and decision making.

Housing For HIV/AIDS Clients

As the name implies, people afflicted with the HIV/AIDS virus are provided housing on a first come first served basis until full to capacity. Clients in the house receive three meals a day, laundry services, and transportation to and from medical appointments in the agency van. Rental assistance is provided to those who are able to care for themselves. Admission is by referral from other service providers, hospitals, and clinics. To be eligible for this program, clients must be HIV positive.

Translation And Interpretation

Because the majority of our clientele speak no English, available resources are accessed by providing written translation and verbal interpretation of any type of documents. Whenever possible, clients are accompanied to appointments.

Technical Assistance In Immigration

One of the primary concerns of our clients is that they become legal residents. This program assists clients in filling out most applicable documentation for work permit, to become permanent residents, and for citizenship. We advocate and petition Immigration and Naturalization Service on behalf of clients.

Information And Referral

Information is disseminated through the local weekly radio program. This program is especially helpful to those who cannot read or write and heavily rely on the open air wave to get news of their homeland and community happenings. Referral and linkage help the staff connect clients to available resources.
All services are provided free of charge but donation is always welcomed.

The Haitian Council is a community based non-profit organization providing services to everyone regardless of age, race, national origin, sexual preference, and marital status.

The Haitian American Community Council, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, funded by:

Mail Office: 206 S.E. 2nd Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, Tel: (561) 272-2520. Fax: (561) 272-8566

Lake Worth: 1414 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida 33460, Tel: (561) 585-4150, Fax: (561) 585-9013.

Executive Director: Daniella Henry

Responding to the Haitians Needs

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