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New items are identifed by category with the latest in each category identified. At this time we have many new resource items that are not yet evaluated. If you'd like to work with us, we need help in this evaluation. In addition, you might become interested in showing relationships among these items. One way we intend to do that is by creating Concept Maps.

This website is in continual development and was last updated on February 21, 2015. So far we have identified 1179 resource items.
Slavery In America 20140426  
Bondeau 20100115  
Local NAACP branch looking toward future with new leader 20090211Kathleen ChapmanPBP
Web database tracks slave trips from Africa 20081206Errin HainesSS

new resources not coded100 items, latest is: December 6, 2008; Errin Haines; SS.Web database tracks slave trips from Africa
ideas for action22 items, latest is: October 16, 2007; Sandy Heierbacher; from, October 2007
good information56 items, latest is: March 6, 2008; Glenn Collins; NYT.s Black History
personal journey16 items, latest is: July 6, 2007; David Brooks; NYT.The End of Integration
viewpoint35 items, latest is: August 14, 2006; Ruben Navarrette Jr.; San Diego Union-Tribune."Leaders" disserving black America
inspiration20 items, latest is: January 11, 2005; Elizabeth Large; SS.Dont Forget, -- Forgive
local SE Florida100 items, latest is: February 11, 2009; Kathleen Chapman; PBP.Local NAACP branch looking toward future with new leader
background28 items, latest is: June 4, 2006; John DeSantis; NYT.Wilmington Revisits a Bloody 1898 Day

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